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Pioneer DJ has unveiled its latest professional DJ mixer, the DJM-A9. This 4-channel mixer boasts significant improvements over its predecessor, the DJM-900NXS2, including superior sound quality, improved playability and connectivity, and a range of new features. The built-in ESS Technology 32-bit A/D converter produces clear and natural audio for all genres of music, while the redesigned channel faders and Magvel fader crossfader allow for smoother mixing and scratching. The mixer also includes 14 Beat FX, including 3 new ones, and an enhanced microphone section with phantom power supply and 3 mic effects. The DJM-A9 has dual USB ports for seamless transitions between DJs, and Bluetooth/MD input for playing tracks from mobile devices. The Stagehand app allows front of house teams to remotely monitor and control functions via an iPad. The DJM-A9 is compatible with both Rekordbox and Serato DJ Pro, and will be available in March 2023.


The Pioneer DJM-A9 is a professional DJ mixer designed for use in clubs, studios, and live performance settings. It features a robust build quality, high-quality audio components, and a range of advanced features that make it a powerful tool for DJs of all levels.

The DJM-A9 boasts a new colour display and an improved X-Pad, which is now arranged horizontally to make it easier to use the Beat FX. The Beat FX channel selector has been upgraded to a dedicated button, enabling faster effect routing. Additionally, the Multi I/O section has been enhanced to provide true send capabilities. With 14 Beat FX to choose from, including three new ones, DJs have a plethora of options to add creative flair to their sets.

The DJ mixer's microphone section has also undergone significant upgrades, allowing for new possibilities in streaming or MCing. DJs can connect a condenser microphone directly to the DJM-A9, thanks to the phantom power supply to the mic input, which is a first in the industry. With three different mic effects and a dedicated reverb, DJs can dynamically alter the sound of their voice to add an extra layer of creativity to their performances.

One of the key features of the DJM-A9 is its dual USB soundcard, which allows two DJs to connect their laptops simultaneously and seamlessly switch between them during a set. This feature is particularly useful for back-to-back sets or when sharing a stage with another DJ.

Another standout feature of the DJM-A9 is its Magvel fader technology, which provides a smooth and precise response for scratch and crossfade techniques. The mixer also includes a range of onboard effects and filters, including a high-pass/low-pass filter, echo, and reverb, which can be easily controlled using the mixer's intuitive interface.

In addition to its technical features, the DJM-A9 also boasts a sleek and stylish design, with a black and silver colour scheme and illuminated control buttons. The mixer also includes a variety of input and output options, including multiple RCA inputs, XLR and 1/4-inch microphone inputs, and both booth and master outputs.

Overall, the Pioneer DJM-A9 is a powerful and versatile mixer that offers a range of advanced features for professional DJs. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, the DJM-A9 is a great choice for anyone looking for a high-quality mixer for their DJ setup

Sound Colour FX with world’s first Centre Lock.

Turn on the brand-new Centre Lock feature and, when you’re using the popular Sound Colour FX, each knob will stop turning when you reach the centre position. This means you can twist the dial as quickly as you like, taking the effect right up to the maximum of the hi or down to the minimum of the low parameter, without the risk of going too far and switching to the opposite parameter. When you turn Centre Lock off, the Sound Colour FX knobs work in the same way as those on the DJM-900NXS2.



Newly advanced Beat FX

The Beat FX section, a long-time favourite element of the DJM series, has been significantly enhanced for the DJM-A9. A new colour display helps you to quickly and accurately understand the status of the selected effect, and it features lighting that corresponds with the X-Pad’s horizontal arrangement, enabling more intuitive control with a simple finger slide. You can use the X-Pad to change the Echo and Ping Pong effects to create a unique analogue tape-style sound. And, within the 14 total Beat FX, there are 3 new ones you can use to add extra variation to your performances: 


• Mobius: Changes the frequency of the oscillator to constantly rise or fall in time with the beat.

• Triplet Filter: Changes the cut-off frequency cyclically for the filter according to the beat (based on 3 beats).

• Triplet Roll: Outputs the recorded sound repeatedly according to the specified beat fraction (based on 3 beats).


Even better, the channel selector is now a dedicated button, enabling you to quickly apply effects to your chosen channel. 


Enhanced mic section

In response to the evolving needs DJs have when using microphones during live streams and club sets, the mic section of the DJM-A9 has been developed so you can enjoy more control and add extra creativity to your performances on the mic. The phantom powered input means you can connect a high-quality condenser mic directly to the DJM-A9, a feature never seen before on a DJ mixer. And there are 3 new microphone effects, with a dedicated reverb effect so you can change the sound of your voice and hype up the crowd with your vocals: 


  • Echo: Outputs a delay sound several times while attenuating it to add an echo effect.

  • Pitch: Changes the pitch of the microphone sound.

  • Megaphone: Changes the microphone sound so it sounds like you’re talking through a megaphone.


It’s quick and easy to turn the mic input on or off with the brand-new Push-to-Talk button when you want to grab the mic and address the audience. The audio from the mic can be excluded from the recording output if you want, so you can MC for the live crowd but record your mix without vocals.


Dual independent headphone outputs and booth EQ

Plug in your headphones at the same time as another DJ and enjoy the freedom to monitor the channels you want to. With separate cue buttons, volume knobs, and mix balance knobs for each set of headphones, it’s easy for 2 DJs to cue up tracks during changeovers and back-to-back sets. Plus, with the 2-band booth EQ, you can change the high and low frequencies to complement the master output and match the mood in the booth to the feeling on the dancefloor.  

Support for the brand-new Stagehand app and built-in Sound Check function

The DJM-A9 is compatible with Stagehand, the industry-first PRO DJ LINK remote management app for front of house teams. Using an iPad connected wirelessly to the mixer via a LAN router (available separately), an engineer can keep an eye on things such as level meters and the DJ’s use of the mixer’s controls, making it easier to maximize the sound system’s settings and run a smoother, more impactful show without needing to interrupt the DJ’s performance or even enter the booth. To download the Stagehand app, visit the App Store.

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