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  • Yamaha HS7 monitors

  • MOTU interface

  • Rode NTS1 microphone

  • MIDI keyboard

The ultimate electronic music production room for serious producers and beat makers. We don't believe there is anything else like this anywhere in the Country.

A growing and changing selection of synthesisers, drum machine and hardware based production tools, careful curated by our Director and constantly changing on our members feedback.

With a high spec PC loaded with the latest version Ableton and dual touchscreen displays and a hardware mixer, sequencer and Samson patchbay you decide if you go full DAWless or record your patches directly into Ableton for manipulation.

This room is not for beginners, it is a high-end and highly customisable setup for those with a knowledge of synthesisers and hardware.

Due to the specialist nature and scope of what's possible with this we may not be able to provide assistance on-site we advise you request the latest equipment inventory to research the controls and operations.




A powerful PC loaded with Ableton and FL Studio is available to use. You can also bring your own laptop to connect to the large dual screens with supplied HDMI cable.


We have an ever growing and changing selection of small synths, drum machines and effects units that can be custom routed to your DAW of choice with a Samson patchbay or used DAWless for live music making. This can be accessed for an additional fee to your studio booking or hardware fanatics can sign up to our subscription Members Club for a discounted set amount of studio time each Month with full use of hardware and have a say in what equipment we add to the setup!


Each room is equipped with high quality Yamaha studio monitors linked to a Focusrite audio interface so you can quickly add microphones or hardware and connect your laptop with the supplied USB cable


A selection of effects units are available to add to your setup. For a small additional charge choose from Pioneer RMX 1000, Eventide H9 or Boss delay and reverb pedals. These will be connected by our staff on your arrival.

The Equipment


Unleash Your Creativity.

Our Studios include fully equipped DJ rooms, just bring your own music and Production rooms, equipped with large screens, high end monitor speakers and keys ready to connect your own laptop.

We also have a number of private production spaces that can be leased on a long term basis if you are serious about production. These are fully soundproofed to a professional standard ready for you to equip as you like.

The Studios



Learn to DJ or produce your own tracks on Ableton. Our tutors are all experienced industry pro's. All levels from complete beginner. 


We host regular Workshops with well known DJ's and Producer's, follow our social media channels for the next one.

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