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From complete beginners to already experienced DJ's and producers our knowledgeable tutors can guide to you to progress to the next Level.


All lessons are in one of our custom built DJ rooms using the latest club standard Pioneer equipment.

Beginners will learn the fundamentals such as beatmatching, cue points and how to structure a set along with exploring all the features of the latest Pioneer decks and mixer.

DJs how already have the basics down can tailor lessons to the specific aspects you are looking to improve or new techniques you are looking to learn.


Beginners will learn all the standard features of Ableton production software, how to create all the elements to make a track, kicks, hi-hats, basslines, etc and how to structure them to give you a finished track.

If you already have experience working with Ableton we can guide you through the advanced features or tailor lessons to cover specific aspects you want to learn.

If you have a track you can't quite finish we can hand hold you through the process to completing it and also offer a mixdown and mastering service so your track is ready to play in clubs or send to labels.

“Done a block of productions lessons to improve my final mix. Mixes are sounding much more professional now. Great set up highly recommended."

Darren MacLean

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